How We Help

The Yavapai Reentry Project (YRP) provides supportive services, information referrals and mentor pairing for individuals returning to the community from incarceration. Providing these supportive services give individuals the guidance they need to empower themselves to achieve their goals.. YRP also provides classes for families, friends, and community members.

Community Coach Mentorship Program

Each participant may elect to enroll in the Community Coach Mentoring Program.  This is a volunteer based program where the participant is matched with a volunteer in the community who has been trained to aid in providing referrals, emotional support, and resources.

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Learn more about becoming a Community Coach

How Do I Join?

To be part of the Yavapai Reentry Project, you must be 18 or older and:

  • Returning from a state-level correctional facility or were released in the last three months
  • Returning to a community in Yavapai County

To provide the best service possible, we recommend completing all necessary paperwork before your release.

The Yavapai Reentry Programs is NOT a housing or job placement agency.

What are the Benefits to Joining?

“The Yavapai Reentry Project offered me a sense of direction and gave me a feeling of purpose. It gave my faily a sense of serenity to know that there was an organization willing to help me even though I had–well because I had a history in prison!”

“The wonderful thing about it is that perfect strangers concern themselves with bettering their town by helping me better myself so I don’t have to go back [to prison].”

“The Yavapai Reentry Project was out there to help [reentering individuals] and get us back into the community. Knowing that was out there was a relief.”

Independent Referral Program

Participants looking for referrals and resources will be able to obtain information through the main office of the Yavapai Reentry Project.

This includes:

  • Resources to find housing
  • Links to Employment and job skill training opportunities
  • Medical and health information
  • Access to Veterans services (if applicable)
  • Links to Education
  • Links to Substance abuse counseling
  • Connections with religious communities